How did it begin?

The Wachau Valley is famous for growing vines and apricots, which is why many buildings located in the medieval towns surrounding the valley are or used to be vineyards once. The building on Kollmanngasse 1 was one of them before it has became an apartment for Stein citizens.

One of them was professor Huber Bauer, an artist, who created his works in a atelier located in an attic. He was a very versatile author, but he has devoted a large part of his life to renovation, which resulted in, among others, cathedral in St. Pölten, the Egedacher organ in the abbey of Zwettl, or chandeliers in the palace of Schönbrunn. Of course, his work could not be missing in Krems, where he restored the church of St. Veit, and even Steiner Tor and the town hall.

In his life, the professor travelled a lot around the globe, which influenced his work. The result is faces decorating the outer walls of his home, the current guesthouse, which he created when cracks appeared on the wall.

The professor passed away in 2014, but his activity is present in Krems to this day, while only a few people know his name and who made sure that the monuments they admire look like this.